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Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's to OUR GIRL!!!

Here she is...

Wonderful, spunky, talented, driven, energetic, bright, loving, thoughtful, snarky (Jj's word of the month), fit, beautiful, kind, spontaneous, entertaining, memorable, serendipitous, precious, and OLD!!

Just kidding about the last one.

But she is having a BIRTHDAY this week!

Happy Birthday Sweet Maria!

We love you!

Picture successfully stolen form Facebook...Mwa ah ah ah!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Is anybody there?

Butterflies...can you hear me?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up Up and AWAY...

Hey! I vote we schedule a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE sometime this Fall. It would be beautiful and also symbolic since the trees will be changing just like we are!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yay!!! I can see that Janis has a draft going so I can start mine now.
I hate posting twice in a row :)

Last week was great! My friend is back from vacation and I've managed 1 hour every morning. ((Thanks Andrea!)) If you haven't noticed, I'm one who needs the buddy system. I have also been doing interval training and I think it is quite possibly addictive. I love it!

We'll see you girls at the BBQ!

-1 lb


Monday, August 10, 2009

Forgot again . .

You'd think that having the posting deadline in the middle of the week would make it easy for me to get to, but I keep going out of town or just being lazy.

So last week, I spend all day Friday at Snowbird with my sister Pam and her family. I rode the Alpine Slide MANY MANY times. Rode the zip line MANY MANY times and sadly, climbed the mountain TOO many times. Halfway through the day their little ski lift thing that takes you back to the top of the mountain stopped working so it was out of commission for a few hours and we had to do some crazy steep hiking to get back to the top of everything. I just kept telling myself that I was working my butt but my thighs were having a hard time being quite as optimistic. Either way, a good time was had by all.

Christopher on the Alpine Slide

Kortnie on the Zip line

Benny on the Zip line

Everyone (except me and Pam) at the top of the mountain.

Saturday I went water skiing with Melissa and her parents. I bit it more than once, but I've got to say, for this only being my fourth attempt as skiing in three summers, I'm doing pretty dang good (or so they tell me). I can get up and keep in myself going for about 40 seconds - and then I'm down. I feel stupid every time I crash, but they keep reassuring me that I'm actually doing better than most and to stop stressing over it. I've got multiple bruises from the adventure but I think it's worth it.

Melissa's Dad watching her ski on Utah Lake

Depositing $7 for this week.

And next weeks teaser: two days of rock climbing and swimming in Crawdad Canyon in Veyo.

PS I'll publish more/better (actual touched up) photos on my personal and photo blogs later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MJ Week ???

OK ~ This is not my actual weekly post. I'm posting today to ask,

"What week we should we be on?"

I think I'm off on my counting...

Shouldn't we be almost to Week 52?

And...Are we just going to keep checking in and adding $$$ to the fund when week 52 is up? Sorry, I'm sure we talked about this but I can't remember :)

BTW Here are some ideas for our VACATION!!!


I'm so ashamed - by Jj

But not nearly as ashamed as a couple other certain BF's who haven't shown up on our blog in WEEKS should be (hint, hint). And before you think I'm being insensitive, I do understand how busy you both are so please don't take me seriously.

I swore I was going to do better this time around and not put off my blog post but, I did it again. My bad. Wednesday was a bit hectic because I had to drive home that night for the 24th (and eventually I'll post photos of that on my personal and photo blogs) so I thought, I'll do it tomorrow and then I thought it again etc etc etc. That's just how it happens when you don't really have much internet access. But now, I'm sitting in B&N using their new free wifi because the power is out at my house which makes it very HOT and boring. And honestly, I've done about everything else that I can do so I figure my next step is to do the last thing on my list. And that is why I'm ashamed. Why do I put if off?!? I think it's because I'm sick of my life and how it's been going. I'm bored with myself and everything around me, including the gym. But that's neither here nor there and I'm going to shut up and stop complaining and report on my last Aerial Dance class that was last Wednesday. (Again, I know that should technically be a part of the next weeks report, but I've got nothing else fun to talk about.)

I'm sure you've all seen this already as I've made it my FB profile pic, but here it is anyway:

Seriously, does it get any cooler than that?!? I think not. Actually, it does but by the end of the class I was pretty freaking worn out and too tired to do much more. But this still looks cool, right? Validate me, please.

This class was so much fun and a really nice change from the everyday workout. I'd LOVE to take the intermediate class in August, but it's pretty dang expensive. I thought about doing it anyway but then found that I was too late to register without another $10 late fee on top of the already high fee of $55. Sad, I know.

Anyway, next week look for my Snowbird and water skiing report. Although, I feel that maybe it should be called something more like "water crashing" or "skragging" as I was being dragged by the boat more than I was actually skiing. I'll work on that. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll come up with something creative that will make it sound much more exciting than it really was. That's just how I roll.

Eventually when I have some sort of an income that pays more than just my mortgage I'll be depositing $7 for this week. Being home and not having access to the gym really made me lazy as far as workouts go. Again, I feel so ashamed.